Customer Testimonials


“I just thought I’d drop a note thanking you all for the excellent service we have been experiencing. You all and your staff have been very friendly and helpful. When Karen or I meet or talk to someone that is thinking about a pool, we are suggesting Mirage.”

~~ Brian Necciai


“I want to thank you Tom & the rest of the Mirage staff for the wonderful job they did at my house. I am enjoying my pool & yard so much and hope to for many years. Thanks!!!!!!”

~~ Louise Sumrall


“Your custom pools are phenomenal! And so is the service at Mirage.”

~~ Daniel S


“Love our Mirage Custom Pool! We have not regretted putting in our pool and we are grateful we chose Mirage for more reasons than I can list here! Simply the best.”

~~ Stacey L


“So impressed with the beautiful custom pools and custom spas Mirage has designed and built! Beautiful!”

~~ Barbara R


“Brent and I wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a great job Mirage Custom Pools did on our project. We could not be happier with the way everything turned out and everyone we worked with was amazing!

First thanks to Pete for taking the time and having patience with us when we started toying with the idea of building a pool. It began on a much smaller scale than what we ended up doing and we couldn’t be happier. He had great suggestions and we feel like we used our space efficiently. Thanks again, Pete. We really appreciate all you did and your patience while we worked through all the design and changes.

Next thanks to Julie. We couldn’t be happier with the materials you helped us choose. Thanks again for helping with my glass tile and glass turtle request. It created the personal touch for our family that we just love. The travertine is so pretty and the fireplace is my favorite place in our house now. Love it so much!

Thanks to Jason for helping us in pool school/learning to take care of the pool and being so patient with all the questions we had. We might have a couple more for you now that we are up and running. I hope that’s ok? Thank you again for bearing the cold with us!

Finally thanks to Kent. He went way above the call of duty talking me off the ledge a couple times. Being cooped up with four kids and two dogs almost sent me over the edge and he truly was part therapist! There were a few times I wished we hadn’t started the whole mess but we couldn’t be happier now that it’s complete. You really made the whole experience great and I felt kind of sad when the project was over that I couldn’t bug you anymore! Hahaha! Really though, you were so great That we can’t thank you enough.

We are so pleased with the way it all turned out, and You will definitely be getting referrals from us! Thanks again. Y’all have been great to work with!”

~~ Shelley & Brent A.