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Inground Hot Tubs & Spas

Welcome to Mirage Custom Pools, your premier provider of inground hot tub installations in Lewisville. We have over 20 years of experience designing, building, and installing custom hot tubs to fit our clients’ unique needs and backyard visions.

While a refreshing dip in your pool is nice, using your outdoor space during all seasons is the ultimate dream. If you’re ready to make add a hot tub in your backyard oasis, we can recommend a luxurious hot tub to compliment your pool and backyard design.

A Spa is the Perfect Accent to Your Pool

When it comes to your backyard paradise, it isn’t complete until you have a spa that accents your in-ground pool. Whether you have a freeform or formal pool, we can match its design in hot tub form.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a hot tub or spa when night falls. Not only will you feel the warmth of constant bubbles as the temperature starts to drop, but your hot tub may be the best addition to your home thus far.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Hot Tub?

Adding a hot tub to your backyard can be one of the best home improvements for boosting relaxation and recreation.

There are many health benefits associated with using a personal hot tub regularly. One of the top reasons people choose to install hot tubs & spas is the therapeutic value they bring. The warm water and jets provide relaxation for sore muscles and joints. The heat and massaging action helps increase circulation and reduce pain from conditions like arthritis.

Aside from physical relief, regular hot tub use can also help reduce stress levels and promote better sleep.

Hot tubs are also great for socializing with family and friends. Having a hot tub creates an inviting gathering place in your backyard. It allows people to unwind and catch up while enjoying the warm, rejuvenating water.

With features like lighting, sound systems, and optional entertainment packages, we can design and install a spa that takes your backyard’s social experience to the next level.

Why Choose Mirage Custom Pools for Your Hot Tub & Spa Installation?

Installing a hot tub requires technical skills and in-depth hot tub knowledge to ensure proper setup, functioning, and safety. Our team of experienced hot tub design and installation professionals provides the following advantages:

Unmatched Hot Tub Expertise

Our hot tub installation team receive ongoing training on the latest hot tub models, technology, and installation methods.

No matter what brand or style of hot tub you choose, we know how to install it correctly to avoid problems down the road. Our expertise allows us to complete installations efficiently while delivering the highest quality final product.

Custom Design Capabilities

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to hot tub installations. Our team will assess your unique backyard space and work with you to determine the optimal size, shape, and location for your hot tub.

We understand the need for wanting your spa to blend in with the rest of your pool and backyard design. That’s why we also customize hot tub surroundings by building decks, gazebos, privacy fences, and landscaping.

Proper Site Preparation

Preparing the site properly before installation is crucial for safety, efficient functionality, and longevity. Our team handles all aspects of site prep, including:

  • Leveling and clearing the ground
  • Installing drains and catch basins for water runoff
  • Building sturdy foundations to handle weight and vibration
  • Grading for proper water drainage around the tub
  • Running electrical, plumbing, and gas lines (if necessary)

Skilled Hot Tub & Spa Installation

Our hot tub installation experts will handle your entire installation from start to finish. We use specialized equipment to properly place your hot tub in position and preserve the surrounding property.

Then, we securely connect all structures, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical components according to manufacturer specifications. This installation step ensures your hot tub functions flawlessly for years to come.

Ongoing Spa Service and Support

Even after installation, you can rely on us for your hot tub maintenance, repair, and water care needs. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot any problems and perform all recommended upkeep. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service for the life of your hot tub.

Create the Perfect Hot Tub & Spa Experience 

When making a major investment in a hot tub, you need assurance that it will be installed correctly. Mirage Custom Pools in Lewisville, TX offers the expertise, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction that delivers flawless, stunning results with each installation.

If you’re ready to make your backyard a year-round sanctuary, we’re here to help! Let’s get the design process started! Contact us today to learn more about our process and how we can add value to your home with a swimming pool, spa, or outdoor kitchen installation. Call (972) 434-7946 now!