Outdoor Living Spaces

1eSpice up your backyard with a custom outdoor living space design. Not many things evoke the good life more than a backyard barbecue out by the pool. Whether it’s hot dogs and daiquiris or steak and wine, everything seems to taste better when it is eaten outdoors with friends and family. Dining al fresco has become one of the life’s exquisite pleasures with outdoor kitchens being one of the most sought after amenities.

The outdoor room has become a lifestyle phenomenon complete with all the comforts of home. A custom stone patio and kitchen can be as simple as an integrated grill, countertop, and storage cabinet for cooking gear or it can include all the amenities of an indoor kitchen.

How elaborately it’s designed depends on its distance from the house.
The simplest kitchens need to be convenient to the house or clients don’t use them.

If you just have a barbecue grill and want to run out to grill at 10 p.m. you don’t want it too far away. On the other hand, if you entertain a lot, it becomes practical to move the kitchen farther away and run plumbing and electricity so you can include a fridge and ice maker. The farther you get from the house the more you have to build into it to make it convenient.

Even if a roof isn’t part of the program, it is a good idea to define the space with some type of overhead structure, such as a shade arbor. This also comes in handy for supporting light fixtures, which are a must-have in an outdoor kitchen. Backyard suppers have come a long way since picnic tables and paper plates.

As more clients move their lives outside, well-equipped kitchens become extensions of their homes and a natural place to gather and relax.
For the entertainers, a transformation from a backyard into a true outdoor living space is the final touch to any pool project.
Grill/Kitchens, Shade Structures, and Cabanas are all a part of what it means to “Live” in your outdoor space.

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