Freeform Pool Design

Freeform Pools 

When adding an inground swimming pool to your property, you want it to represent your style and creativity directly. Sure, a rectangular formal pool always manifests the fun, but imagine how proud you could be of a natural-looking swimming pool flush with stone decor and a lush landscape surrounding it.

Mirage Custom Pools in Lewisville, Texas specializes in creating unique, freeform swimming pools that reflect your personal vision. Whether you want gentle curves or dramatic angles, we’ll work with you to design the inground pool of your dreams.

Why Choose a Freeform Pool?

Freeform pools break from the typical kidney and rectangle shapes to provide you with a swimming area that is uniquely yours. Without straight lines or 90-degree angles, a freeform pool seems to flow gently and meander, complementing your landscape. This organic style offers many benefits.

Freeform pools complement natural environments by mimicking ponds and lakes.

They provide more visual interest than a rectangular pool while allowing for greater flexibility in design to fit your property.

If you’re seeking a charming, artistic look that makes a statement, a Freeform pool can help you make your property pop!

Our Pool Design Process

Getting a custom pool in North Dallas is simple with Mirage Custom Pools! The process starts with you providing input on the aesthetics you envision, how you plan to use the pool and your budget. We take precise measurements of your property and note any relevant features or landscaping.

Next, our designers create a concept based on your vision and our expertise. We use 3D modeling software to allow you to visualize the pool from all angles within your landscape. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the pool blends seamlessly into your yard.

We refine the design until it meets your expectations. Throughout the process, we are available to answer any questions you have.

We Construct Freeform Excellence

Once you approve the design, our skilled construction team takes over. We handle securing permits and meticulously install each element, including tile, coping, rock features, high-end filtration and heating systems, waterfalls, fountains, etc.

We can even install pool decking, lighting, and amenities like outdoor kitchens and fire accents.

We closely oversee each step and keep you informed of progress. The end result is a stunning freeform pool crafted to your personal taste.

Tying it All Together

Your brand-new, natural inground pool should always blend in with the rest of your backyard. If you have an outdoor kitchen on one side of your yard and a luxurious pool on the other, we can do the heavy lifting and figure out how to seamlessly connect the two spaces into one continual oasis.

We work with you to determine the backyard of your dreams and can help you cultivate an organic atmosphere that makes you fall in love with your backyard every time you step out in it.

We’ll consider the plants that thrive well in our climate and add to the natural vibe. We want your pool to glow; the only way to do that is by enhancing the area with plants and stonework you’ll love.

The best part is that even though we design and install custom pools, we’ll still do all the landscape work required to make your very own private island getaway.

Make the Most of Your Backyard with Freeform Pool Design 

Trust us to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that repeatedly leaves your family returning to the pool during spring and summer.

Don’t settle for a basic pool. With Mirage Custom Pools, you can have the outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us to schedule a free design consultation!