Fire Accents & Fire Pit Designs


While we specialize in building custom swimming pools and spas, we also have a long history of adding exquisite fire accents around the pools and yards that we design. 

At Mirage Custom Pools, we transform ordinary backyards in Dallas-Fort Worth into dazzling backyard oases by incorporating fire pits, fireplaces, chimneys, fire bowls, gas lamps, linear burners or tiki torches.

One of the best ways to take your outdoor living space to the next level is by incorporating custom fire features and accents.  Find out how our team can help you add the fiery finishing touches to your backyard to bring the exotic resort feeling home. Call us at (972) 434-7946 to shop fire accents now!


Why Install Fire Accents from Mirage Custom Pools?

A custom fire feature like a fire pit or fire accent can completely transform your backyard. During the day, a fire pit acts as an elegant focal point and gathering place.

After sunset when you are likely done enjoying your custom swimming pool, the real magic happens around the fire pit. As the flames dance and glow, the ambiance shifts to a relaxing, warm vibe, perfect for making memories with loved ones.

A fire pit or chiminea pulls everyone together, inviting joyful conversation or peaceful solitude beneath the stars. Stories, laughter, s’mores? A custom fire pit from Mirage Custom Pools can bring all of these and more together.

The warmth, drama and natural beauty of fire create an irresistible magnet for gathering. With custom fire features from pits to torches, you can easily make your backyard a favorite morning, noon, and night hangout spot.


Fire Pit Wide Range of Uses

Fire pits provide so much more than just light and warmth. They can even be a place to cook delicious meals!

Grilling gates and grills that attach to the fire pit allow you to cook dinner outside over the open flame. This is not only a fun activity with family and friends, but it infuses your food with incredible smoky flavors that your taste buds will love.

Grilling over a real wood fire adds depth and character to everything from meat and vegetables to even desserts like fruit kabobs. Not only that, but cooking around the fire pit provides a gathering place to prepare and share flavorful, memorable meals.


Mirage Custom Pools Bring Variety

When it comes to fire pits, we offer an extremely large selection to meet your style and needs. Our team of professionals can build a custom fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl!

Fire accents can be built from different stones, clays, and fire-resistant brick that makes your accent the focal point of your unique backyard.

When you want to add a fire accent to your yard, avoid the pre-packaged Amazon options, and let our creativity help you design a sophisticated and elegant backyard accented with fire. 


Night Safety in Your Backyard

Custom fire accents like tiki torches, gas lamps, or linear burners add flair and safety to your landscape. Their golden glow creates a resort-like ambiance that makes your backyard an inviting extension of your living space, even after dark.

A well-built and properly installed fire feature is much safer to use when compared to a homemade fire put. Permanent fire features also have walls to prevent sparks, and you can include a wire mesh cover for added security.

On top of those safety features, when you choose to have a gas fire feature installed, you’ll be able to control the flame with the turn of a knob! It’s that east to stay safe!


Schedule Your Fire Accent Installation With Mirage Custom Pools

Don’t wait! Now is the perfect time to plan fire accents for your outdoor oasis!

Mirage Custom Pools is currently booking fire installations and can get your project quickly underway on your Dallas residential or commercial property.  Call (972) 434-7946 to get started now. 

Contact us today to request a quote for flame jets, fire pits, or any other fire feature you’ve been dreaming about.

Our team is ready to make your backyard resort dreams come true with the custom fire accents and options that best fit your space.