Construction Process

Step-By-Step Process of Building an Inground Pool


At Mirage Custom Pools, we specialize in designing and building beautiful, customized inground pools (free form and formal shape) tailored to help you create your backyard paradise.

Our Lewisville swimming pool experts take the reins of your pool project from initial concept to completion.

Trust us to guide you through key phases along the way of our simplified custom swimming pool creation process.

Step 1: Design Consultation

We start the custom swimming pool construction process by meeting on-site to collaborate on the possibilities and understand the total vision of your dream swimming pool.

We get into how you plan to enjoy the pool, desirable features, yard space, access considerations, and your preliminary budget.

After we’ve reviewed our extensive portfolio, we take precise measurements of the designated pool area and identify any restrictions or requirements that may come with creating your custom pool.

Design consultation allows us to get to know you better while sketching out a pool tailored to how your family and friends will use it throughout the years.

Step 2: Approvals and Permits

No project can be completed without the proper approvals and permits. We take the fuss out of this process, finalize professional blueprints, and submit documentation to your local municipality. We secure all necessary pool construction permits on your behalf and handle contracting licensed trades, arranging inspections, and keeping you updated throughout this approval process so you don’t have to get tangled in red tape.

Step 3: Pool Excavation 

We arrive onsite to excavate and outline the exact footprint of your custom pool design based on approved plans. This involves surveying and marking the pool perimeter plus a 2-3 working area around it, then digging down 2-4 feet as needed to establish a solid base. Soil and debris gets trucked away as we also trench for plumbing lines at this stage. Temporary shoring helps brace excavation walls if we run into rocky terrain or groundwater until it’s time to pour your pool foundation. Site safety is also integral during this loud, dusty construction phase!

Step 4: Pool Foundation & Structure

Now, the real shape of your custom pool comes to life! We break ground on your property, install steel rebar reinforcements, then pour a thick concrete foundation that meets your pool’s intended dimensions and depths.

As the concrete fully cures and passes inspections, we start framing the main structure to support interior and exterior finishes.

Additional components like jets, plumbing, filtration, tile, rock elements, and water features also get installed and take form where specified in your design.

This is our favorite part of the process because it lets you and us witness the pride and joy of your new backyard take form.

Step 5: Finishes and Decking 

The fun part arrives as we install custom touches that make your pool unique. Choosing the perfect plaster or quartz-enhanced interior finish comes first, enhancing durability, appearance, and water clarity.

Our design team can work with variances in texture and hue levels to add visual interest to your swimming pool. If your design includes tile, coping stones, infinity edges, spill bowls, or other decorative elements, our skilled team artfully places them and completes the interior design of your swimming pool.

Lastly, we construct surrounding pool decks using your preferred materials, which may include concrete, flagstone, or pavers, along with safety fencing per Texas pool safety laws.

Step 6: Filling and Start-Up 

As a final quality check, we thoroughly inspect every aspect of your custom swimming pool and make any last finishing tweaks. When completely satisfied with the construction work, we insert plugs, attach hoses and filters, and then start filling your pool with fresh water balanced to proper chemical levels.

Programming of automated sanitization, heating, lighting, and any high-tech systems you’ve included takes place now, so everything operates as intended for ease of maintenance.

Lastly, we walk you through maintenance best practices before giving you the green light for your first splash!